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Scotch without a leash or advertising effectiveness.
Bright packaging, easy to read and interesting slogan, beautiful labels and images - these and many other attributes of advertising used by manufacturers to promote products and brands, but this promotion suitable for consumer products. How to promote your products, to know the wholesalers?
Participation in exhibitions? Very expensive and you are unlikely to long remember.
Participation in auctions and tenders? Can you believe this? On the grounds everything is decided prior to bidding. Try to convince me.
 Personal meetings - more effectively, but need the reputation, the power of persuasion, the passage through the "Secretary barrier", the time of the customer and get a good mood to it.
 Advertising on transport? The price for advertising on the same machine 5-10 Tr Where is the guarantee that the right prospective customer(a Director or employee of the purchasing Department) will go on the same road at the same time, look to the side and will see your logo on that car will record the caller's phone call or visit to your website. It's like the stars have to come together?! In my opinion a failed option when advertising less than 200 cars in the capital. Although probably not enough (a month ago in Moscow there was 200 cars of the new operator rent a car, I no have not seen)
 Cardboard packaging? More efficient, but requires large financial costs and storage space packing. By the way, I'm sure you order several sizes of the boxes, right?! Drawing of your logo on 4000 boxes will cost you, probably not less than 20,000 rubles plus is from 5 to 20 rubles per box. Only one fleksoforma(cliche) print of your logo will cost from 5000 to 20000 rubles. For a start-up option is very expensive and very hit cost of production.
 But why do many forget the Scotch? Not in the bottle. Not a dog on a leash, which is a Scotch Terrier. This sticky helper in every home and office. It can also cause your advertising, phone, website, slogan, logo... And it will be cheaper at times.
Think for yourself: for 6000 rubles you get 72 wide (48 mm) roll of Scotch tape with your logo, roll length 57 meters, and it is 4100 meters of your advertising surface! Fleksoforma, delivery, layout is already included in the price!
Offer several options to use(this is not a call to action, a call to your imagination):
 1. Can be Packed from 4,000 to 10,000 boxes with your products(costs 60 kopecks to 1 ruble per box!)
 2. Not less 25650 your logos with phones and sites can be glued anywhere, products, price lists, catalogs, boxes, personal belongings(such a method of using adhesive tape with logo is used on one of the television long-playing project) price is for one sticker of less than 24 cents, and that when the length of the logo 16 inches! Frequent repetition of the logo, you can increase the number of labels three times! This is 7 cents. Ask in the printing: how much does it cost to print 75,000 leaflets? I'll tell you: at least 30 cents apiece. Even if they themselves will print, A4 sheet will cost 35 cents, and is a blank slate! And cartridge? And then 7 cents per sticker with your logo!
3. Flash mob-1: you can unwind over 4000 meters of tape with your logo on the main highway of the city for fencing any obstacles
4. Flash mob-2: Specify the tape path to your office, warehouse, shop. The distance m between the pillars in the city not more than 35 metres and a length of Scotch brand 57 meters, was to be glued is not necessary.
 5. One customer ordered a Scotch for sticking on the Parking pillars. In my opinion also an interesting option.
6. You can just give your brand Scotch friendly company for packaging their products. Stop. Don't throw stones at me, these options really possible. Well, share your Scotch. Provided that you have can be shared with clients and you are competitors. For example: the courier company and manufacturer of perfumes can promote each other, having common customers.
You can come up with many more options. If you have new products, then speak up and tell us about it right on the tape.
You also cannot forget that the tape is protected from theft and your products can be distinguished from a stranger without opening the transport packaging!
Will sum up. The adhesive tape with a logo is just a treasure of some kind!
The most effective tool for advertising on the package I do not see. In addition to the token. Joke;)
Thank you for reading. We work for you in 2006. Rely on our experience.
Sincerely, OOO "Klen".
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