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 What is stretch film?      It is a modern packaging material that has the ability to stretch (elongation up to 250%) and return to its original state. Compared with conventional film material has a high tensile strength, high resistance to puncture, impact, bursting. Stretch films are made on the basis of 3-or 5-ply combination of LLDPE films balenovich, hexanoic and oktanovyh groups. Bonding of the layers together is achieved due to pre-stretching of the film prior to use (pre-stretch). Due to its desire to return to its original state there is a “holding” force, which provides a stable bond layers of stretch film between them. Used as transport packaging, for example, for clamping of finished products on pallets-pallets by rotating the taping. Depending on the thickness, it is recommended to use for different purposes:
a thickness of 15-17 micrometers is used for mounting of conventional cargo;
with a thickness of 20 µm is used for mounting large heavy loads and items with sharp edges;
with a thickness of 23 microns, it is used for fastening of heavy loads such as stone blocks and a border tile.
Responding to traditional packaging materials requirements to protect the goods the stretch film has a number of advantages:
- high tightening force (allows you to securely attach the cargo to the pallet);
- resistance to puncture and tear (protects the cargo from damage, contamination, theft);
- does not require sophisticated equipment in packaging;
- ability to pre-stretch (allows to reduce material consumption);
- wide range of operating temperatures, possibility of packaging with stretch wrap, refrigerated and frozen products
Stretch film (stretch) used for packaging of various goods on pallets, pallets.
In recent years, the market appears more and more goods, which not only greatly facilitate the work and life, but also save our time and money. Such products include stretch film . In our daily life, we almost daily used cling film. At the same time, the industrial version is increasingly used in the packaging market, pushing other materials.
Provides reliable fastening of the cargo and its safety, does not require sophisticated equipment in the packaging process, economical, durable and easy to use. Withstands the tough requirements of modern containers allows to overcome large distances between the supplier and the consumer. Modern technologies allow quite easily to pack with stretch wrap virtually any single-piece or small-batch product. However, for the packaging of bulky goods or a large number of unit products until recently were mostly used these types of packaging like corrugated cardboard containers, wooden crates or shrink-wrap. High cost, complexity in manufacture and poor performance significantly increases their cost. Along with the economic drawbacks of the traditional packaging there is also the problem of ensuring full security of the transported goods. To solve these problems allows the use of stretch film.
Stretch film for manual winding
Manual film used to wrap pallets by hand. Has a thickness 15, 17, 20 µm, a width of 450/500 mm and a winding (length) 100-300 m.
Pre-stretch (pre-stretch) of the film - the amount can be stretched the tape when wrapping the pallets, with the guarantee of the bonds and the preservation of the cargo without damage to the film is 70-150%
Features: stretch film
For manual winding
LLDPE material
Number of layers 3
Working party 2-party
Thickness 17-20 microns
Width 450/500 mm
The density of 0,918 g / cm3
Tolerance on thickness 5 %
Transparency 140 %
Stretch useful 70 %
Elongation at break 250 %
Breaking strength of 200 kgN / m
The winding length of 120-300 m
Bushing diameter 38 mm
Packing 6 pieces(rollers) in the box

Packing stretch film (from the English word stretch - stretch) appeared on the market in 70-ies with the development of new technologies in the development of polymer materials, in particular linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).
His appearance the film owes a top Manager of an international transport company, which often came complaints from customers about the shortage and failure to supply goods. It was obvious, either in loading or in the expedition with him not clean the hands of employees, but to reveal it until he succeeded. In order to eliminate this unpleasant situation casting a shadow not his reputation, the enterprising owner contacted the firm Polymer s Enterprises with a request to produce the material which it would be possible, without damaging the primary packaging, to group the goods transported in larger units.
While Polymer's Enterprises engaged in the development of new materials, and incoming order was the best way for checking innovations in the work. The businessman provided a transparent drawing film material with sleepy between layers. He immediately gave orders to his servants warehouse before sending the next consignment to wrap this wrap the box with the products, grouping them into larger units. Now to commit theft would compromise the integrity of the composition or to steal from the whole party, which, of course, could immediately be detected.
The result was not long in coming. After the first shipments of the consignments, wrapped in foil, he did not receive from customers any claim about the safety of the cargo. Besides, he's heard the feedback from the workers about the convenience of storing the grouped product and considerable reduction of time for loading, which in turn reduced the delivery time. Reputation as a businessman was at the height, and his company has become a leader in reliability, safety and on-time delivery. Also success and Polymer s Enterprises, production of the stretch film brought her fabulous at the time the dividends.
Later years other firms - the current leaders of production have adopted the technology of Polymer s Enterprises, modernization of the production and putting the issue on the flow.
The development of domestic production, increased consumer demand, the transition to Western standards of packaging and transportation, as well as the unique properties of the stretch film has resulted in this material a great need.
Already today capacity of the Russian market and CIS countries is more than 100 thousand tons per year, which is constantly growing. This trend encourages manufacturers of packaging materials to include this perspective view of packaging in the product mix to their businesses.
The circle of potential consumers of pallet protectors are extremely wide. This can be a company in any field from a small firm to a major manufacturer where required storage and transportation of goods. In this stretch film can be used in combination with pallets (pallets), and independently, to the winding of the goods separately.
Due to its unique properties, ease of use and affordability is rapidly gaining popularity and is a leader in the market of packaging materials.
The increasing need for businesses to stretch the film, as well as adherence to international standards (where packaging or palletizing is often mandatory for the manufacturer and required by the contract) gives the Russian companies involved in the supply of this product, extensive development opportunities in the domestic market.
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