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 how to order an adhesive tape with a logo   To order an adhesive tape with a logo, you need to email the layout or a sketch of your logo, or text combined with your logo. Our designers will finalize your layout and provide you with the ready sketch which you will be able to visually evaluate how your Scotch. You need only to approve or suggest to make changes to the layout. After approval of the layout you will be billed for payment. After receiving payment your model is started in production (there is manufacture and the application of the paint on the tape).

Terms and requirements.
Maximum production time is two weeks (10 working days). Usually the production time is a cliché for Scotch is about 1-3 working days, 1-3 days is surface applied(depending on the production load), 1 day adhesive tape is kept on the technological stock and 1-2 days for delivery. Be patient and we will inform you about readiness of your adhesive tape. When ordering, consider that the maximum number of colors applied no more than three(color of the background is not taken into account, but you can use it). The number of colors applied corresponds to the number of clichés that we will make. It is desirable to provide a layout in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. All fonts and objects should be transferred in curves. All the lines in the layout should be at least 1mm (coating of paint on the tape is very thin lines and fonts can be blurry). We can manufacture the tape with a line width of not less than 0.5 mm, (we can't guarantee the precision of such lines or fonts, and these fonts will not be readable to anyone who wants to read this text will have to look closely). In the production of such adhesive tape it is possible to increase fabrication time, as made special pad.

The huge popularity of the adhesive tape with a logo or brand duct tape, which helps to solve many logistic and marketing questions. Every modern leader knows that an adhesive tape with a logo is not only expendable, but also a great opportunity to advertise your company. The adhesive tape with a logo improves the marketability of production, thereby promotes Your company's image. Even the gray box Packed adhesive tape with a logo will look much more spectacular and colorful. If you, when packing their products will be used a simple tape, it will be just and gray, like everyone else, and if the tape is the logo of your company, then you can't help but to remember everyone who has seen your package. During the advertising campaign, the adhesive tape with a logo simply no substitute. If you declare yourself, it is loud! It is necessary that everyone was talking about you, even your brand Scotch! High quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of adhesive tape provides durability of packing under various conditions of use. Frost tape allows its use even in cold rooms.
    2009-09-19 14:25:12 
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