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Air-bubble film - is a lightweight, easy to use, reliable and inexpensive packaging material. Air-bubble film Air Bubble (or air-bubble film) is very popular in industries focused on the production of delicate and fragile items - glassware and furniture, office equipment and computers, lighting equipment, stationery, toys and sanitary ware, mirrors, various optics and glass products.  In domestic  bubble wrap, as well as polyethylene film, is actively used as a covering material for greenhouses and hothouses, creating pools and a heater. In agriculture, it is - a flexible, lightweight protection, excellent defending culture against the penetration of cold and burns the leaves. Air-bubble film is a high-tech material produced according to GOST from high-pressure polyethylene of various densities. Air-bubble film is two-and three-layer. At first the one hand there is a layer of air bubbles, and the other - a smooth surface, a second layer of air bubbles enclosed inside, between two smooth layers.


Air-bubble film
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 Air-bubble film   Air-bubble film
 790.00 руб. 
 1600.00 руб. 
 Air-bubble film   Air-bubble film
 1300.00 руб. 
 Air-bubble film black   Air-bubble film black
 1400.00 руб. 
 1710.00 руб. 
 2700.00 руб. 
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