Universal adhesive tapes
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Universal adhesive tape made of cotton fabric,
laminated with polyethylene, used to seal ventilation pipes, minor repairs,
for example, seats in automobiles, rubber hoses, building fences, covering films.
Also used to join the elements of the package that carry high loads.
It has high tensile strength and low coefficient of elongation.
The special properties of the adhesive layer and dielectric parameters of the media is also used as an insulating material.

The tape reinforced the wide application of TPL (TPL) is used for insulating and sanitary works with blagochestiye surfaces: for a winding of the damaged pipes, strengthening of cracks and joints of pipes; for hermetic sealing seams, panels, bodies; for elimination of leakings; for protection of air channels against water, humidity and steam.
In addition, is used for sealing damaged surfaces to pujcovani wires, to strengthen the cargo, sealing the container and protecting goods exposed to water and moisture, etc.
Specifications of tape:
The Foundation Cotton fabric, laminated with polyethylene
The adhesive layer of the Melt on the basis of synthetic rubber
The substrate color Silver, black
Total thickness of tape(mm) 180+,-10%
The tensile strength at
tensile(N/cm) 30+,-5%
Adhesion to steel(H/25mm) 15
Temperature stability,(C) 60
Color the adhesive layer white


Universal adhesive tapes
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