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изолентаIs made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride. Insulating tape is a polyvinylchloride film made of PVC compositions valcheva-calender method applied to one side of the adhesive layer, cut into strips of various widths. Applied to household production as an insulation material during electrical works.duct tape

Properties Temperature range of sexploitation -20 to +40 s. the Thickness of PVC film: 130мкм (0.13 mm). The thickness of the adhesive layer 20µm (0.02 mm). The adhesive layer on rubber base. The elongation at break of not less than 150%. Electric strength (breakdown voltage) of at least 5kV

What is in duct tape
Adhesive tape consists of a release covering, basics, primer and adhesive.
The separation coating allows the tape to easily and smoothly unwound from the reel in hand and machine unwinding. This coating must be compatible with the base and have an acceptable degree of adhesion to the tape was not swollen, if it is wound on itself.


Duct tape. Insulating tape.
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