Shipping and returns Shipping and returns
For performance of your order, the minimum time for its processing is necessary for us. As a rule, the minimum time makes 1-3 hours, and in certain cases it can increase from that the order has arrived for example at night or in target and holidays. Therefore, we ask you to do the orders beforehand. Give to us please approximately 1-2 working days (for the custom-made goods till 10 working days) that we could prepare and send, and you could receive your order in the shortest term. Cost of delivery of the goods across Moscow makes 400 roubles. If the order sum exceeds 5000 roubles delivery is carried out free of charge. Delivery cost on area and in other regions makes a reservation individually. Acquisition and a return guarantee: we Thank you for purchases in ours the Internet shop. The following information stipulates conditions of acquisitions and a return guarantee. Payment: For all acquisitions made on our site, payment can be made cash at goods reception, or bank remittance into our account. An exchange of the goods or monetary compensation: you can refuse the goods put by us in case the delivered goods do not correspond to that you ordered also the goods can be returned directly at the moment of delivery. The goods should be returned in the original packing with documents accompanying a parcel. If you have any questions, please, contact our department of service

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