Dispenser for an adhesive tape 75мм К-520 395.00 руб.
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Dispenser for an adhesive tape 75мм К-520

The dispenser for an adhesive tape will for ever remove problems with packing boxes.
It will be useful to everyone who faced a problem of packing of container in great volumes.
The dispenser for an adhesive tape has combined (metal and plastic) a design and
Optimum parity of weight and the size.
To unwind, paste and precisely to cut off a packing tape it is required to think of it only
And to make one easy movement!

Dispenser for an adhesive tape semi-automatic.
Width of an inserted tape:
- 72-75 mm
Diameter of the plug of 76 mm    
Length of winding of a roll - up to 200 m.

- For a tape an adhesive tape in width 72-75мм;
- The strong metal case;
- The plastic handle;
- Rubber clamping a roller;
- A regulator of a tension;
- A plastic not reversive clamping plate;
- A detachable knife of the open design with a protective cover.

This product was added to our catalog on 27 April 2009
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